Why Can't I See Last Active On Messenger

Why Can't I See Last Active On Messenger. Since so many of you are using facebook messenger, we figured it would be fun to give you some tips and. In other words there is not time displayed beside a persons name after 24 have passed since their last chat log on.

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Why can’t i see “last active” on facebook messenger? Why can't i see when someone was last active on facebook messenger after unblocking their messages? And also, earlier today, it said that my crush went on messenger an hour ago, but now, for no reason, it just doesn't show when she was last active (and i mean, i didn't send her anything recently, so she.

The reason behind this problem might be either the deactivation of that particular person’s account or that person might have switched the “active now” off from her messenger settings. I open the facebook app on my phone and go to chat and it tells me one person was last active ten minutes ago and then all of a sudden it says last active one minute ago but i never see a green dot to say they were online. I have paid attention to this pretty good so i am confident that this is the reason. If you can't see last seen at stamp it could mean you've been blocked, but if a contact has blocked you, you should also not be able to check the updates to the contact's profile picture and you'll no more see the second check mark (message delivered) in the messages you send to that contact, whatsapp will only print the first one (which is for message sent).