Learning Modules

The Science of Soil project was created to fill the gaps in Soil and Environmental Science undergraduates' knowledge of key concepts in the classroom. The Science of Soil module suite includes short animations, interactives and live action videos that teach a range of mathematical and Soil and Environmental concepts. The entire suite will be available in Fall of 2013.

Multidimensional Thinking Animation View Animation lab 1

This short animation explores the differences between the first, second, and third dimensions in unit measurement, as well as the importance of correct unit labeling.

Scientific Graph Reading Interactive View Module

lab 1

This interactive will guide you through a virtual lemonade sweetening experiment that teaches efficiency, deficiency and optimization within dosing curves. Also included in this module is the short Magic of Reading Graphs walkthrough that teaches all the basics of graph reading.

The Magic of Reading Graphs View module

This short walkthrough reviews everything you need to know about graph reading, from the x and y-axes' relationship to the importance of labeling.

Finding Your Place on the Scale View Module

This animation explores the differences between the familiar linear scale and the intimidating logarithmic scale. In this animation you will learn how logarithms actually help us quite a bit when reading vast amounts of data.

Logarithm Calculator View Module

This interactive simulates using a graphic or scientific calculator to find base 10 logarithms between exponents, while reinforcing the concept of increasing compression pattern in logarithmic scale.

Making it Through the Major (Videos)

Hear how others have overcome personal and academic obstacles and learn about internships, research projects, and USDA jobs that serve the environment and public health.